Amaze the Crowds with the Geomaze Beaded Tunic Dress

Geomaze-Beaded-Tunic-Dress              The Geomaze Beaded Tunic Dress is absolutely breath taking in every way! This dress is reminiscent of a tunic but has its own little twist to the tunic design. The modern prints and design of this dress makes it one to remember. The tunic styled dress will amaze the crowds and cause a commotion based on how unique and well fitted this dress is. If you need a dress that can grab the attention of many, this is the perfect choice.

The Geomaze Beaded Tunic Dress is a dress that looks like it is fresh off of the runway. The upscale modern designs that are featured on this piece make it look high class and high end. This piece comes equip with hand embellished sequin that is fixed in such a complicated pattern that all one can do is stare at it in amazement. This entire dress is lined with the finest of satin and is also made out of a very comfortable material called polyester. This dress is perfect to wear to fancy and upscale events because not only will you look amazing, but you will also be comfortable.

The majority of this tunic styled dress is white with modern black patterns across the top of the dress and along the bottom of the dress as well. The 3 quarter sleeves on this piece are sequined black. The collar on this dress is rounded and black as well. This dress is fitted loosely toward the bottom making it easy to dance in and do other activities that would require free range of movement. The way that this dress fits and flows makes it ideal for comfort. It does not get much better than having a high fashioned dress that fits well and is this comfortable to wear. As good as this dress flows you may even forget that you have it on!

The Aztec inspired prints and beads on this piece make it stand out from other high fashion dresses. This dress delivers a bohemian and earthly feel to it while still looking glamorous. The high fashion look of the dress along with its unique print and high comfort ability makes it hassle free and easy to wear. Just slide this dress on with a pair of your favorite heels and get ready to be watched in amazement as you grab all of the attention.

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